Klein Bottle House, Australia by McBride Charles Ryan.


Stylish hostel, conference and restaurant in Sweden via Fantastic Frank





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Gropius Reconstruction | Bruno Fioretti Marquez | Via

The object of the competition won by Bruno Fioretti Marquez was to bring new Ideas for the missing Master houses in Dessau by architect Walter Gropius. The competition encompassed: Consideration of the Moholy-Nagy House and the Gropius House (both now destroyed) Urban design and landscape architecture of the Masters’ Houses complex, including the site of the perimeter wall and the former refreshment kiosk by Mies van der Rohe, development of traffic infrastructure in the immediate vicinity including the “Seven Pillars” junction. The Bauhaus Building and the Masters’ Houses have been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1996.


Villa N°174 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Perched on top of Rio de Janeiro’s hill of Santa Teresa, the offbeat Villa N°174 stands out for its art-inspired interiors and bohemian atmosphere. The intimate boutique hotel created by Srdjan Prodanovic features 4 themed suites, each with its own distinct décor, artwork and personality. Appointed with luxurious period furnishings and vibrant paintings by Bosnian artist Radmila Jovandić Đapić, the Master Suite offers an ideal mix of glamour and pleasant serenity. The Geometric Suite’s interior design is a modern take on the 60’s Art Deco style while the Pool Suite dazzles with an array of intriguing design features that remind of the lush Amazonian jungle. Last, but not least, the gracious Mirror Suite suggests a new approach to La Maison Tropicale, Jean Prouvé’s masterpiece of modernist architecture.



Huaxin Business Center Scenic Architecture


Arena da Amazônia gmp Architekten